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8 Software Features That Would Make Real Life Awesome

If you’re anything like me, you expend most of your time on the computer because it’s route easier than real life. Literally everything in a computer is easier than its analog counterpart. Email is better than snail mail, YouTube lets us watch people get hit in the balls without having to endure whatever asshole is currently hosting America’s Funniest Home Videos , and word processing programs let us type without disclosing what grammatically inept morons we are.

Wouldn’t it be great if we had the same conveniences of a computer in reality? Here are the features I think we could use the most.

# 8. Copy/ Cut/ Paste

I’ve worked exclusively with computers for well over a decade, because I’m clumsy and therefore a danger to myself when doing real-people undertakings, and I get frustrated easily with repetitive chores. Whether it’s flipping burgers or making a brick wall, the act of repeatedly picking things up and moving them is a pain in the ass.

In The Real world …

You could select an object and then only transcript, paste, repeat. A task at Taco Bell would be a lot more bearable if you induced one taco before lunch and merely pasted it, hot and fully wrapped, over and over again for every customer.

“Or you could give me a Ctrl+ Z to undo working here … ”

Stores would save a bundle simply reusing the same product over and over, and you could save even more buying one of those build-your-own six packs and only pasting the good ones forever. Even more practically, you could build copies of your more valuable organs for when you inevitably destroy them with all of the cigarettes, Big Macs, and vodka you copied over the years.

The cut function might be even better. You’d never “re going to have to” do any heavy lifting again. You could just cut and later paste things wherever you want them to go. Imagine a world in which strained backs are a thing of the past. Carrying loads of laundry up and down the stairs would be as easy as strolling up and down the stairs — which is a challenge for me because I’m terribly out of shape, but you get the general idea.

Though carrying a complete bedroom set on a clipboard might prove to be tricky .

Destroying evidence would be as easy as cutting an object, then cutting another. Just like the joke that was originally here but accidentally copied over, it would never be seen again. Those hundreds of brew bottles from that binge you pasted over the weekend? Cut and then lost seconds later when you copied that McNugget into the full 20 you now need to fight the hangover.

# 7. Saving Progress

Do you have any sadness? I do. I’m divorced, I’ve get speeding tickets, and I once got hit in the junk by a piece of wood that flew out of a table foresee. So I have some experience with looking back on moments and reflecting on how it would be super to have not done that, because I still scream when I pee-pee sometimes.( Divorce is rough, folks)

On the other hand, I have zero regrets with any video game I play, because I save as often as possible, whether it allows quick saves or has save phases. For instance, “were not receiving” unhappines for your character in Alien: Isolation when you accidentally attract the animal with your go and it kills you, because you saved video games and can go back and not do that this time. Unfortunately for your underwear, that doesn’t undo the racing stripe you just forged in terror turds.

A better bowel loosener than Metamucil or a draft notice for Ted Nugent .

In The Real World …

Wouldn’t it be great if we could save the working day when we get up in the morning? Or just before a big interview? Or before asking the custodian if he was propositioning you with his eyes or only has a weird tic? All that regret could be undone with a reload. It would be like Edge Of Tomorrow , except you don’t “re going to have to” get shot in the face or run over to undo your most recent screwup.

“Shit … ”

Had an awesome relationship, but fucked it up over a stupid misunderstanding? Reload. Blow through a red light? Reload. Got drunk and put peanuts butter on your genitals to make friends with the dog? Reload, but gross. You can reboot your life, but you can’t scrub a spirit clean, pervert.

# 6. Piracy

Before anyone screams, I know, piracy is bad. It can and has murdered the careers of indie developers and writers, because rather than paying for their product, people just shared it for free, and free doesn’t buy food and WiFi. On that note, a lot of people are -AOK pirating things from big companies. Raise your hand if you paid $7,000 for that copy of Photoshop you use to replace celebrities’ heads with dicks. I thought so.

Fact: Only two legitimate transcripts were ever made, both in 1997.

In The Real World …

Now that we’ve cleared that up, think about a world in which the poor and downtrodden could have lobster mac and cheese because person made some at a fancy( maybe schmancy) restaurant, then made a bunch of free copies to share. That wouldn’t even impact the restaurant, because it’s not like Ol’ Hobo Gus was going to eat at the Four Seasons but “fuck it, free lobster mac.” And what if simple things that add up in life could just be duplicated from what the Haves “re going to have to” make life less shitty for the hardworking Have Nots? Trips to the food bank would be a snap, and you could drop off Costco-sized boxes of Q-tips or actual fresh food instead of that canned garbage that people who can’t afford a can opener are always offered.

True, but would we really want to have to sit through this PSA before every dinner ?

Granted, some people would take advantage of this and use it for Teslas, Blu-ray players, and 96 -inch TVs that would go perfectly in my living room. Now, these pirated copies will probably have some built-in problems merely to fuck with the thieves, but honestly, that’s an extra layer of hilarious I guess the real world could use right now.

# 5. Bookmarks And Shortcuts

Bookmarks are already a thing. Remember those pieces of poster board you jostle into your pre-Kindle so that when you went back you didn’t have to remember what page you were on? That’s actually exactly how we came to use the term “bookmark” for webpages.

In The Real World …

Condescending history lessons aside, the basic notion behind bookmarks and shortcuts would be amazing in the real world. Imagine being able to snap right back to where you were in line after operating to the bathroom, regardless of how many dick nerds stole your place for the new Star Wars movie.

Although autocomplete will lead to awkward questions as to why you went
to the strip mall while your husband objective up at “Mammary Lane.”

More practically, you could make a shortcut to the responsible groceries you always “forget” when shopping. A shortcut to where you parked at a mall or concert could save valuable hours of their own lives that could have been spent doing something other than stray and exclaiming quietly.

# 4. “Invisible” Setting

One of the main reasons socially inept people like myself evolve into Howard-Hughes-like hermits who collect cats and cereal boxes until A& E has to intervene is the fact that it’s hard to go anywhere in society without socializing. Leaving the house almost always entails someone is going to say “hello” or attain eye contact, and that is just too damn much human interaction for some of us.

Even if you’re not a shut-in, there are some people you’d rather not interact with who can’t seem to read the “get fucked” look in your eyes and insist on speaking to you.

This is why chat programs have an “invisible” setting. Because sometimes you have shit to do and don’t want to be bugged by employees, former friends, or that mall Santa who’s been following you for years.

In The Real World …

Just think, you no longer have to feel guilty as you try to avoid eye contact with a homeless person despite the wad of cash in your pocket. You could get that cucumber and range box of condoms through the self-checkout without feeling watched. Go on, I won’t judge.

That virgin olive oil isn’t going to stay that way for long …

It would also induce life much more bearable for the self-conscious in the world. I’m someone who can trip over nothing on a linoleum floor, so walking down a concrete sidewalk with seams has caused more than a few completely unnecessary stumbles when people were appearing. There’s nothing I can do about that, because there’s no therapy for clumsiness, but it would be awesome to fall because your feet are stupid and not have witnesses.

On the downside, shoplifting would be super easy. But go up people, don’t be assholes.

Pirate that shit.

# 3. Pausing

If anything on this list is a superpower I would bathe myself in toxic chemicals to get, this is it. The best part of watching a movie, listening to a anthem, or playing a video game on a computer is the ability to pause it at any time for any reason.

Like that much needed change of underwear and vodka shot after this .

In The Real world …

The ability to pause life would make time management meaningless, since procrastinating was able to ingest non-time that you’d essentially have an endless supply of. Impromptu sleeps could happen at any time with no repercussions. No matter how crazy/ important/ fast-paced your job, you could just drop-off everything and run to the can at any time( but still wash your hands, stinky ).

Work in fast food? You could spit in some asshole’s food for being rude, and literally no one would be able to tell. Not that I endorse that kind of thing. You could also rob a bank merely by waiting for someone to open the vault and walk-to in. But I recommend just using it for napping and satisfying deadlines at the last minute, unless you’re a terrible person.

There’s a reason we called this the greatest superpower of all time .

# 2. Search Engines

Search engines are more than merely a convenience in the modern world. They’re necessary to find a job, a cookie recipe, or personal information about that person you have a crush on and can’t appears to get a lock of their hair to sniff. But in the real world, it would become the single most indispensable instrument anyone ever devised.

Way more than whatever the fucking this is .

In The Real World …

You’d never lose another set of keys, or your telephone. You wouldn’t have to ask anyone where the condoms were at the store( insure: invisibility, self checkout ), and you could “image” search that person you kinda recognize and knows your name so you don’t look like a dick when they say hi. Blend it with the bookmark feature and you could predominate on Jeopardy or emotionally brutalize the stupid on Wheel Of Fortune .

Otherwise known as the University of Phoenix of game shows .

If you were ever lost in the wilderness, you could look up which mushrooms you could eat for fun, and which ones you could feed for food. Or perhaps search where you are and not get lost in the first place.

You could also become the world’s most hated “um, actually” guy by immediately debunking the bullshit everyone around you spouts. But hey, self-righteousness is it’s own reward, right? It’s what fuels Facebook.

# 1. Muting/ Blocking

If you’ve ever employed Twitter, these are indispensable tools for not being bothered by people who insist on “debating” you by spamming up your timeline with endless tweets, blowing off those “See Why I faved You” religious accounts, and, most importantly, maintaining unruly dicks from so called “movements” from sea-lioning you with bullshit topics because you happened to share an opinion they disagreed with.

The new universal emblem for “asshole.”

In The Real World …

Wouldn’t it be great to never again have to hear those annoying people working the kiosks in the middle of the mall?

No! No one wants your stupid copper head-octopus thing, and you reek like a cologne ad from the 1970 s .

You could permanently avoid people you’ve had a falling out with. Or you could block or mute other things, like tabloids in the checkout line or anything on daytime Tv that isn’t Twilight Zone reruns.

Even better, women could mute or block catcallers. Imagine a world in which cutting shitty people out of your life was as easy as clicking a button. Of everything in this list, this is the one that would allow people to take back their lives from assholes and do some real good. Hell, how much sorrow and ache could we all have avoided in the ‘9 0s if we could just block Columbia House?

“You can buy 15 puppies for merely a penny! “
“Must … ignore …

As with blocking on the Internet, people will call you a coward and claim that they won life if you block them. And just like blocking on the Internet, they’re dead fucking wrong, because your life now contains one less vexing cow pie of a human. And we could all utilize fewer human cow pies.

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Mushrooms are increasingly popular protein source for 'blenditarianism' – FreshPlaza


Mushrooms are increasingly popular protein source for 'blenditarianism'
“This new study adds to a growing body of evidence that suggests mushrooms may aid weight management and satiety, and thus contribute to overall wellness,” said Mary Jo Feeney, MS, RD, FADA and nutrition research coordinator to the Mushroom Council
Worldwide Edible Mushroom Market Overview, Top Key Players Profile, Industry Growth Analysis and Forecast to 2023Chicago Evening Post

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So THAT’s What That Weird, White String Is Inside A Raw Egg

The egg: One of the most basic staples in the American diet.

You’ve likely cracked one open over a frying pan for breakfast, whisked a few into flour to make a birthday cake, or maybe you’ve gone full-on Rocky and chugged those newborns raw.

But no matter how many times you’ve managed a raw egg, one thing has left you, at the very least, mildly puzzled: What the heck is that white, gooey, ropey thing that’s hanging onto the yolk?

It’s time you met the chalaza.( Pronounced: cuh-lay-zuh .)

Relax. Despite its weird ropey appearance, it is not an umbilical cord.

The chalazae( plural) can be found on two sides of the yolk and their main purpose is to hold the yolk at the center of the egg — like little anchors.

Because the cords, which are a special form of protein, are connected to both the lining of the eggshell and the yolk, they are usually most noticeable when separating egg whites — and they can sometimes build the task a bit challenging.

Hatar de dr vita grejerna som tydligen heter ggsnoddar( tack Google ). Chalaza p engelska. Lika ckliga fr det. #gg #egg #ckligt #disgusting #ggsnodd #chalaza

A photo posted by Ann (@ wineberry) on Sep 11, 2012 at 5:54 am PDT

The chalazae are also completely edible, so eliminating them is unnecessary. In fact, seeing those stringy cords clearly is a sign that you’re looking at a fresh egg.

An egg’s chalazae disappear as the egg ages, so if you can’t find at least one after cracking an egg open, chances are the egg has been sitting at the store( or in your refrigerator) for a while.

So now that you know what to look for to its implementation of freshness, you might want to whip up one of the 38 delicious egg recipes below — before those ever-important chalazae vanish.

The Best Egg Recipes

The Best Egg Recipes

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Netflix and cold: how TV relaxed its view of dating

After Sex and the City told audiences to wait for The One, contemporary proves such as Master of None and Casual have suggested that its better to hold swiping

There was a time when television depicts about dating all moved in the same direction: toward The One. Sex and the City was about exploring the options, every last one of them, but ultimately, its gallivanting gals wound up with at least a degree of stability, and romance triumphed over loveless sex, even for Samantha Jones. Classic teen depicts have always paired unlikely duo, who must melodramatically combat teachers, parents and friends to be together Joey and Pacey, Marissa and Ryan, and, in the case of Buffy, an assortment of bad sons with no pulsation. Chandler and Monica were the solid backbone of Friends, which also tried to match the philandering Joey with a woman he might actually fall for; sadly for viewers, that happened to be Rachel and led to one of the most serious Tv couplings of all time. Still, for the most proportion, TV dating led to Tv love.

Contemporary presents about dating, on the other hand, tend to follow a different path. Theres a strong sense that in this time of apps, there is no longer any such thing as The One. A clumsy meet-cute in a bar or a park would seem like an antiquated relic. Instead, most sitcoms roll through a series of awkward mismatches, mining embarrassing sexual encounters for excruciating comedy. Theres a loose formula, with few rules people are messy and flawed, sexual fluidity and polyamory are to be attempted, and most people are awful to one another, devoted half the chance.

Shows such as HBOs Girls and the short-lived, pioneering British comedy Pulling laid the framework for this kind of blunt romantic realism, but streaming services have embraced the endless options of the Tinder age with gusto. On Hulu, Jason Reitmans Casual( available on Amazon Prime Video in the UK) follows Valerie, a woman in her late 30 s, as she attempts to start insuring people again after her husband leaves her for a younger girl; she moves in with her teenage daughter and her depressive friend Alex, who is also single, with the dating advantage that he writes the algorithms for his own successful dating site.

Like Netflixs likeable anthology depict Easy, created by Joe Swanberg, and Love, by Judd Apatow, there is a help feeling that in Casual, Reitman is looking at this new era with both wonder and embarrassment, agog at the sheer foreigner newness of it all. In Casual, Valerie is coached by her daughter and her younger receptionist , not just about hooking up with strangers online You didnt seem him up? What if hes awful? but about the internet in general, and the murky waters of online etiquette, such as turning up to a birthday party youve watched on Instagram, despite having only the vaguest of invitations. As the third season approaches, the gist of it seems to be that you might as well stick to living with your immediate family, because theyre the only ones who really care about you, and even they might betray you from time to period. In modern dating sitcoms, misfortune is only ever one overestimated text away.

Love( which shares some directors with Casual and Easy, including Swanberg and Lynn Shelton) is more prickly, more dramatic and more honest about its disastrous protagonists. While its first season was about Mickey and Gus realising they were attracted to each other, season two has been about them trying to make a go of it as a couple, however dysfunctional that may be. While they navigate various exes, debates and taking mushrooms together for the first time, they ultimately decide to figure out what it means to do away with the non-exclusive bullshit. As much as Apatow loves to show a beautiful, messed-up woman attracted to a loquacious nerd, he also loves a traditional, and traditionalist, happy objective. Its been renewed for a third season, though, which does free up Claudia ODohertys Bertie to be our dating guide.

Theres one indicate, however, that is taking this material and doing something entirely different with it. In the world of Master of None, Aziz Ansaris Dev is single and dating. He expends day early on texting his ex, with only a slight air of inappropriateness. On a lesser indicate, this would lead to a soul-searching subplot; here, as in life, it only float away. On one of the seasons most impressive episodes, among many impressive episodes, we assure Devs life through Tinder dates: the same eatery, but a series of different women, the scenes artfully interwoven, as nights go badly, and nights go well, and nights end up in an awkward discussion about racist pottery. Its brilliant, and feels as if the narrative is being told by someone with a true understanding of that world, rather than detached, amused curiosity( Ansari has written a book about it, of course ). And Master of None bends the rules in more ways than simply playing with genres and kind: it builds towards a will-they-wont-they, with a relationship that is both deeply romantic and somehow unsentimental at the same hour. Though it isnt quite saccharine enough to go the whole distance, it leaves us somewhere in between, leaving the option of The One, after all.

Casual season 3 starts on Hulu on 23 May and Amazon Prime Video in the UK on 24 May

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From heroin-fueled bank robber to family man — a tale of recovery

( CNN) Anthony Sideri hit rock bottom while wrap in a dirty blanket on the floor of a incarcerate infirmary bathroom in Middleton, Massachusetts. He was 25, shivering, sweating, throwing up and “re going through” the complete withdrawal of heroin.

He had just robbed a bank after shooting up heroin all day. That was July 22, 2007, the working day his life changed eternally. It was the last day he employed medications, the first and only period he was arrested, and the first and only time to fully withdrawal from heroin.

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20 Easy& Cheap Foods Anyone Can Grow At Home

Food is pretty awesome. Growingyour own food is even more awesome.Most people never even think of growing their own food because they don’t have acres of land. Here’s a secret – you can grow these types of foods almost anywhere! Even if it’s on a front yard or on an apartment balcony.

Itseasy, cheap, and healthy. And all this is necessary arecontainers, potting clay, a little fertilizer, seeds, water, and sunlight. Large plastic bottles construct great containers, as do cloth shopping bags and with a little starting money, you can start your own little food production right at home.

# 1. Kale.

Small Tray GardeningGrow the dark leafy greens in a container of at least six square inches thats practically all you need to get started on a single plant. Rememberthat kale loves the sunshine when the weather is cold, but would rather stay in the shade in warmer temperatures.

When its winter, kale will often be sweeter because the plant concentrates more sugar into its leaves. Kales nutritional benefits are staggering( particularly in calcium and vitamins A, C and K ). And best of all, it is feasible to baked and seasoned into the perfect healthy snack salted kale chips.

# 2. Arugula.

Desert Canyon Farm Green ThoughtsGrowing greens in a windowbox is easy poke holes into thesoil about four inches apart, sprinkle some seeds of your choice( in this case, slightly spicy arugula ), pat soil over the holes, and gently sprinkle water. Be careful when poking your pits so the pressure of your thumb doesnt compact the clay too much, which makes it harder for sprouts to spread their roots. Once theystart appearing, pick the strongest shoot for each hole and cull the other ones, to optimize growth and increase the chances of survival for that one shoot. A little shade doesnt hurt, especially in warmer weather.

Arugulas biggest benefit aside from the savour, especially if youre a fan of a little spice is in its vitamin A content. If youre a fan of spinach in your smoothies, try out some arugula instead its a real treat.

# 3. Carrots.

Spade& SpatulaWhen “youre thinking about” carrots, you probably think of large containers and long taproots but baby carrots can be an efficient way to up your intake of delicious orange root, all while using a receptacle no taller than 10 inches. Baby carrots( depending on what seeds you get) can be harvested at finger length. Store-bought baby carrots are actually repudiated carrots chopped up into smaller bits, so if you want to keep em tiny then youll have to pay attention.

Seedlings( once culled) should be at least an inch apart from one another( and you can toss the cuttings in a salad ), and after a month you can check on the roots to see how they fare( if the shoulders of the carrot poke out, theyre generally good to go ). To optimize the space in your container, a great companion for your carrots are

# 4. Radishes.

Common GroundIf youre growing carrots in springtime or autumn, then planting little red radishes can be a great route to start the season. Unlike carrots, radishes are taproots that grow really fast and theyre delicious in all sorts of salads, or as a simple garnish.

Radishes germinate( grow buds) after less than two weeks, and can be spaced an inch apart with seeds half an inch deep. Remember to water very lightly( sprinkle the water gently) to avoid flooding the soil and washing away its nutrients. Once the green plant of the radish is about four inches, its is high time to harvest!

# 5. Tomatoes.

The Organic ItalianWhile a sturdy tomato plant will require a big pot( about 14 inches wide ), you can grow several tomato plants in a receptacle for delicious little cherry tomatoes! Best grown in summer, tomatoes enjoy some tint and good amounts of sunlight, lots of fertilizer and a stick of some sort for the plant to support itself as it grows its fruit.

Tomatoes are rich in lycopene, a great antioxidant to spurs your body own production of endogenous antioxidants like glutathione, melatonin, and alpha-lipoic acid. Theyre also incredibly delicious, and a must-have for any fan of salads and Italian cooking.

# 6. Peas.

Wicker Rooftop ChicagoPeas are climbing plants, so they( like tomatoes and pole beans) like something to climb on. If youve got a balcony, then a great notion is to line your peas, tomatoes and beans along the railing, letting them climb up the metal( and giving you an extra bit of privacy, to boot !).

Peas are rich in fiber and vitamin C, and pack a surprising sum of protein for their stature and size. They grow quick, too!

# 7. Beans.

The Suburban JungleBest buds to peas, pole beans grow quickly and are just as delicious( and nutritious) as their bush ranges, which take up more space. Both grow well in summer, just like tomatoes, and require to be planted at the least three inches apart and about an inch deep.

A tip is to water at the base of the plant, and avoid get the leaves wet. This deters bacterial/ molddisease, and malformed pods. Depending on what beans you plant, beans are anexcellent source of protein, vitamins and minerals.

# 8. Chilies.

Growing ChilliesA catch-all word for capsicum plants with high sums of capsaicin( which is what builds chilies spicy ), chili plants love moisture, and they love a lot of sunlight!

You can grow them in a pot with germinated seeds spaced about two inches apart. Unlike beans, which dont like to be transplanted, you can germinate your seeds on a wet newspaper towel in a sealed plastic container instead of the soil. If youre luck, youll have strong buds within two weeks. If you dont have access to a window with heavy sunlight, then saving up for a fluorescent growing light is an alternative alternative for sun-loving crops.

# 9. Bell Peppers.

YouTubeBell peppers could useslightly more space to work with( a single plant works best in a 4-inch pot, although a 2-inch pot will do the trick too ), but the principle is the same as with chilies. If youre transplanting, delayed until seedlings have grown into a plant with at the least a single decide of true full-sized foliages before switching to a pot. That style, theyll be sturdy enough to survive the switch.

Bell peppers have an incredible sum of Vitamin C, and a good quantity of potassium. Theyre also veryjuicy, and are the perfect ingredient for filled veg cook some rice or couscous, stuff em up, add olives, capers, and other goodies, and enjoy an amazing baked meal.

#10. Zucchinis.

GardenSwagA single zucchini plant requires a 5-gallon pot, and the seedlings themselves require at least around two inches to grow properly. While it might seem like thats a lot of space, a single zucchini plant( when its doing really well) can pump out a small zucchini four to five times a week. Thats a lot of veg.

While zucchinis are no superfood, theyre perfect for building noodle-like zoodles if youre impression like craving pasta but dont want to deal with the gluten, and theyre great in salads with pineapple, cucumber, and a sweet and zesty vinaigrette.

#11. Cucumbers.

Gardening Know HowDo you like pickles? Because now you can induce them. Your very own pickles. Use a( big) hanging container, lots of water and a dwarf cultivar, you can now say hello to newborn cucumbers and delicious savor. Being relatives to zucchinis, theres not much of a difference in growing the two aside from day, and sizing of receptacle required.

Once your seeds have grown to about three inches, pull out all but the two strongest and let these grow alongside each other until theyre 10 inches tall. Then, cull the weaker one and get one step closer to enjoying your crunchy gherkins!

#12. Potatoes.

MahagroPotatoes! In crates! You may callitcrazy, but you can plant and grow potatoes in your very own balcony.How? Well, get your seed potatoes ready( they should be about the size of an egg ), keep them in sunlight so their eyes will grow into shoots, then, in a sturdy plastic container lined at the bottom with dirt, or a self-made pallet-built wooden crate, layer the seed potatoes with soil one layer after another, until youve filled your pouch or crate.

After about 10 weeks, or three months if you want to be safe, carefully tear your container open or disassemble a side of your crate, and enjoy your potato bounty! Yields can be crazy depending on your cultivar, you can be looking at 100 pounds in four square feet of space. Thats a lot of french fries and mashed potatoes. And a lot of money saved, too. Potatoes are a good source of vitamin C and complex carbohydrates, so they make a space-efficient fuel source and staple food especially when grown-up vertically.

#13. Avocados.

Bad Mama GennyAvocados grow on trees but that doesnt mean you cant get them growing on your kitchen counter. Step one isgetting a pit to bud, which involves putting it in somewarmwater, dipping in about an inch. To keep it from sinking, stick some toothpicks into the cavity( near the top) to suspend it over the bottom of the glass. Change the water frequently, and if successful, youll get roots and a sprouted pair of foliages or two from the cavity. Then, transfer it into a 10 -inch diameter pot and simply care for the tree cut away excess growth to keep the tree from outgrowing the pot, and be very, very patient.

Investing in an avocado tree is something you should do if youre looking at wanting avocados sometime in the next decade. Theyre not an immediate( or at least quick growing) harvest like most of the other plants here, but eventually itll turn into a nice little tree.

#14. Kohlrabi.

GritA quick-growing root crop, kohlrabi is a cabbage and cauliflower-related plant that is more commonly known for its strange, gnarled and purple-white bulb-shaped root. Strong seedlings should be grown four inches apart and require a container of around four to five inches in height. Usually, the root grows to about three inches in diameter, and it is feasible to eaten raw, less than two months after planting. Yup, fairly darn quick. With an enormous amount of vitamin C, fiber, and potassium, its a pretty nutritious little root as well.

#15. Turmeric.

Healthy Food HouseLike kohlrabi, turmeric( and its larger cousin ginger) is easy to grow in a little pot at home. Take a large root with several buds, and transgress it apart into little pieces for each bud, plant them two inches below the surface of the soil, and water them. The container sizing is nearly irrelevant so long as there is enough room for the root to grow larger( they dont get very large embarking upon ), and turmeric has such a powerful savour and aroma that you wont need much in your cook, either.

But its benefits dont just come from the unique savor this little orange-golden root runs as a pain murderer for rheumatism and osteoarthritis( as well as ibuprofen, one analyze proved ), and there are analyzes that claim turmeric is beneficial against inflammation, rashes, diabetes, dementia, and cancer.

#16. Onions.

University of MissouriGrowing onions for the thick, pungent leaves is best done in a nice big plastic bathtub with pits drilled into it for drainage. Space your onions about three inches apart and water them regularly with plenty of sun for the most growth, and trim the greens often!

Chopped up, they work nicely in salads, stir-fry dishes, omelettes and spreads. If grown from seeds, onions can take several months to mature to full bulb from early springtime to late summertime. You can also plant onion situateds( the inner core layers of the onion ), although itll still take you months before a full-grown bulb emerges.

#17. Garlic.

The Half Acre Family FarmGrowing garlic merely necessitates four inches distance between individual planted cloves, and frequent water, and sunlight. Once the cleaves sprout and begin to grow blooms, clipping the flowers and keeping the foliages low in number will focus growth on the bulb, and after about 10 months, each single clove will have turned into a full bulb. Plus, you can keep the foliages theyre tasty!

For a single batch of garlic this might be inefficient, but if its warm enough where you are, you can plant and hang your grown garlic in cycles. Garlic has anti-bacterial and antibiotic properties, thanks to a sulfur compound called allicin( “whos also” responsible for its fragrance ).

#18. Lemons.

Growing Wild CeedsIf youve got a little lemon tree, and want it to bear fruit without dying, then keep it outside during summer. Citrus trees need lots of sunlight and lots of humidity, the kind you cant actually get indoors naturally. Lemon trees dont bear fruit for years unless theyreceive a grafting from a fruit-bearingtree, and for that, youll have to consult with someone who owns lemon trees. You can also get yourself a commercially-available plant.

#19. Herbs.

At Home ColoradoHerbs are simple and fun to grow, and theyre unbelievably useful in cooking. You can grow a massive range in a window box: oregano, basil, mint, lavender, and thyme. Frequent watering and direct sunlight by the window is essential for a thriving harvest, and make sure to weed out the stragglers while the herbs sprout to produce merely the strongest plants.

Aside from being incredibly tasty and the heart of almost any dish in any cuisine, herbs carry a host of important physical effects, both in the form of vitamins and antioxidants, and in the form of essential petroleums. Lavender oil is great for cuts, burns, and infections on the scalp, and has calming aromatic properties.

#20. Mushrooms.

Mushroom FarmingWhile fungi is definitely not the first thing you maythink of, there are some kinds of fungu that, with the right attention, will become excellent additions to your kitchen. Oyster mushrooms and shiitake mushrooms grow on straw and wood respectively, whereas button mushrooms like manure, so if youre growing them indoors and at home then the latter might not be too welcome.

Mushroom spawn can be bought online, or from specialty stores, and is essentially sawdust or straw mixed with mycelia, which is the nerve-like matter through which mushrooms grow over vegetation. There are several steps to growing mushrooms.

First, you need to sterilize the mycelia from other micro-organisms by stifling the sawdust or straw and heating it up in a microwave for only another minute or two, until its dry again. Then you need to mix the spawn with its respective growth material. Add heat, darkness, and time, and within about a month your tray( a baking pan will also run) will be ready for harvest.

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Heres Why LSD Microdosing Could Be The Next Major Breakthrough In Mental Healthcare

Sometimes a little can go a long way, and while taking tiny amounts of psychedelic drugs like LSD and magic mushrooms may not make the earth-shattering mystical experiences that larger doses can inspire, new research is disclosing how microdosing could help to combat a number of hard-to-treat conditions, ranging from severe depression to period pains.

What is microdosing ?

Microdosing involves taking sub-perceptual quantities of psychedelic substancesand was originally championed by Albert Hofmann the inventor of LSD who claimed that ingesting tiny quantities of his problem child alleviated his depression and enhanced his creativity, without sending him on a full-blown cosmic trip.

When the first wave of psychedelic research afterwards swelled to its peak in the 1960 s, psychologist Jim Fadiman was among those examining the effects of LSD on mental health and wellbeing. Yet the wave came crashing onto the rocks when the US government prohibited LSD, research on microdosing has remained in suspended animation ever since.


Taking LSD makes a more integrated pattern of connectivity throughout the entire brain, with increased communication between separate brain networks. Beckley/ mperial Research Programme

However, as the disastrous War on Drugs has taught us, banning a substance doesnt stop people from using it, and microdosing has recently become a major fad in Silicon Valley, where technology whizzes and high-flying executives have been using it to increase their productivity. And with psychedelics banished from the laboratories yet widespread throughout society, Fadiman has now harnessed the power of citizen science to conduct the first scientific report on microdosing in half a century.

Hundreds of people around the world have been following his microdosing protocol, which involves taking a minuscule dose of a psychedelic every few days, and filling in a scientifically-validated daily checklist designed to measure changes in mood and symptomology. This has allowed the research team to observe the impact of microdosing on a wide range of different conditions.

Weve been looking at half a dozen disorders, and were hoping to find out who shouldnt be microdosing as well as who should, Fadiman told IFLScience. For example, were observing some groups do not do well, predominantly people whose major symptom is anxiety.

When it comes to depression, however, research results have been extremely positive. What people report is that sometimes from the first or second cycle, a lot of their depression lifts; theyre more functional, they take care of themselves better, and its quite remarkable. This is all the most impressive when one considers that most of these participants had failed to respond to other therapies for depression.

How does microdosing run ?

Rather than trying to blast open the doors of perception or decimate the ego, microdosing takes a subtle track towards psychological healing. What we do not have with microdosing is any conventional psychedelic impacts. No visuals , no transcendence , no demons or angels, says Fadiman. Instead we get a gentle stimulant and the feeling of mental clarity, so people moods improve and they function more effectively.

However, because of the taboo that still surrounds psychedelics, procuring fund and acceptance for in-depth neuroscientific studies remains a major challenge, and no one has done any research at all on microdosing with brain science. Fortunately, organizations like the Beckley Foundation have re-ignited psychedelic research in recent years, conducting several ground-breaking studies utilizing larger doses of these drugs some of which provide tantalizing clues as to the neurobiological mechanisms behind microdosings therapeutic effects.

Amanda Feilding, the founder and director of the Beckley Foundation based in Oxford, UK, made a promise to Albert Hofmann before he died that she would re-ignite scientific research into LSD. Speaking to IFLScience, she exposed how the benefits of microdosing may be at least partly is attributable to two recent brain-imaging analyzes conducted by the Beckley/ Imperial Research Programme, which provided the world with its first glimpses of the human brain on both LSD and psilocybin the active ingredient in magic mushrooms.

Our research shows how taking a psychedelic reduces the blood supply to a high-level center called the default mode network( DMN ), which is a collection of hub centres that manipulate the lower centers and control what enters consciousness and what doesnt very much like the conductor in an orchestra.

By reducing the command of the DMN, psychedelics allow other areas of the brain to communicate more with one another. So theres a kind of anarchy, a more chaotic state, in which new ideas, associations, and observations can come up. Not merely does this increase imagination, it also allows users to break free from rigid modes of thought and cognition, such as those that underlie depression.

A recent study exposed how another psychedelic drug, psilocybin, increases connectivity throughout the brain. Beckley/ Imperial Research Programme

How could microdosing be used ?

Another recent Beckley/ Imperial examine found that a regular-sized dose of psilocybin can help to alleviate treatment-resistant depression. Yet Feilding says that if this is ever to become an accepted therapy, it will be necessary to provide follow-up care when patients feel their symptoms returning, which is where microdosing could come in.

I think we could probably do a treatment of psilocybin-assisted or LSD-assisted psychotherapy on quite a low dose, and then one may be able to give people microdosing to maintain their situation when they felt it essential. The main advantage of this is that, while the initial therapy would involve a full psychedelic trip-up, boosting with microdoses would incur minimal effects on cognition. If one could just vitalize and enhance cognition, but not so that you have trouble concentrating, then it could be a win-win situation, says Feilding.

While much more research is required before we can say for sure how microdosing works or what its applications is a possibility, Feilding sees its potential as a therapy for age-related cognitive deterioration. I think what it does is somewhat induce cerebral circulation, so its a bit more active. That could be frightfully valuable in treating the challenges of aging, which is frequently related to deficiency in cerebral circulation, she says.

If you can boost cerebral circulation to a level more akin to a childhood level, perhaps it could be a preventative measure for some of the deteriorations of ageing, like dementia and Alzheimers. Of course, its too early to say that, but thats a line of studies Id really like to do.

While conducting neurobiological research into the effects of microdosing will certainly provide numerous answers, it is through the citizen science conducted by Fadiman that we are able to identify some of the key questions. For instance, much to his amaze, he began to receive reports of microdosing helping to alleviate pre-menstrual disorder, both physical and emotional.

One subject wrote that during the course of its month that she was microdosing she had a normal period for the first time in her life, and now we have a number of other reports that are similar, says Fadiman. “None of us ever remotely considered that there was any connection between psychedelics and menstrual periods.

These findings, which will be presented at the upcoming Psychedelic Science 2017 conference in Oakland, are beginning to uncover what microdosing can do. Now its up to the rest of the scientific community to find out how it does it.


Psilocybin has been found to reduce symptoms in patients suffering from depression, and it is hoped that microdosing could one day be used to supplement and sustain these improvements. Beckley/ Imperial Research Programme

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