18 Recipes Using Everyone’s Favorite Comfort Food( Potatoes, Obviously !)

I could eat potatoes every day and be perfectly happy.

After all, who doesn’t love feeing carbs? They might not be great to eat in bulk, but they certainly induce us feel good. There are tons of simple ways to stimulate potatoes and they’re all super delicious. After a while, though, you might get tired of feeing the same scalloped, cooked, and fried versions. That’s why we’ve determined 18 of the most amazing and unexpected potato recipes to construct their own lives full of even more yum.

1. What’s better than a twice-baked potato? A whole casserole of them.

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2. Baked potato soup is the perfect style to feel warm, cozy, and full.

3. If you love cheesy potatoes, try a sophisticated parmesan-crusted version.

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4. These mashed potato cheese bites

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5. Loaded potato recipes are usually filled with meat, but this vegetarian option

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6. They’re called funeral potatoes

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7. Pierogi lasagna

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8. I want to try anything that has Jamaican curry

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9. Baked potato dip

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10. If you haven’t tried potato bread

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11. Get ready for a magnificent savory breakfast — mashed potato waffles

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12. Speaking of breakfast, check out this mouthwatering hash .

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13. Pierogies

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14. Forget mashed — smashed potatoes

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15. Volcano potatoes

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16. Give yourself the royal treatment with these duchess potatoes .

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17. Kick the heat up a few notches by making your

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18. I can’t think of anything more romantic than some potato rises .

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