20 Epic Alternatives To Boring Old Pizza — You’re Going To Love These

I’m as big of a fan of pizza as the next guy or daughter, but sometimes, I can’t assistance but crave something a little different than a standard pie.

Hear me out before “youre calling” me a traitor to the pizza club …

While I’ll always eat a slice of pepperoni if it’s put in front of me, these fun alternatives to a regular tart will have you running to the kitchen to replicate these delicious recipes.

1. This hash brown pizza will have you salivating in seconds.

2. Or perhaps you want sliced potatoes? This pie is for you.

3. Okay, but can we talk about pizza monkey bread?

4. While we’re on the topic of carbs…pizza PASTA.

5. This isn’t your average pizza…it’s made in a Crock-Pot!

6. I require these zucchini pizza boats in my mouth ASAP.

7. But these bite-sized poppers look tasty, too.

8. Basically make anything mini and I’m on board. I give you mini cauliflower pizzas.

9. Eggplant pizza never seemed like a good idea…then I considered these.

10. I love egg rolls and I love pizza…my prayers have been answered.

11. Pizza in a bowl? Yeah, I can get behind this concept.

12. I guess if you insist on being healthy, these quinoa pizza bites appear good.

13. How beautiful are these personal portobello pizzas?

14. Or…make them mini( again )!

15. This pizza dip will have the whole family excited for snack period.

16. Or just go with an easy pizza casserole.

17. For all you pizza-for-breakfast fans: easy egg pizza.

18. These pizza waffles also appear delicious!

19. Or perhaps you’re craving dessert? Well this pizza cake isn’t sweet, but it’s chock-full of meat .

20. This pizza cake is equally delicious, but perhaps less harsh on your arteries?

If these tasty pizza alternatives didn’t induce you a disciple in the power of the tart — in different forms — then I don’t know what will!

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