California Coyotes Are Get High On Shrooms& Bolt Around With People’s Car!

This is the literal definition of HIGHlarious.

While coyotes aren’t the most dangerous animals to humen, any animal high on drugs is unpredictable.

Just ask drivers in Marin County, California who have reported numerous amounts of coyotes walking up to their vehicles on the freeway at night, forced into to stop.

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But that’s when things get odd … because the wild animals aren’t assaulting anything, they’re simply walking around the cars sniffing.

Many people first believed the bizarre behavior was linked to rabies, but now that that’s been cleared by wildlife officials, the running theory is that the coyotes are actually simply tripping from feeing amanita mushrooms.

Some experts are being buzzkills by saying it’s more likely that someone fed them in the area and they’re merely coming back for more food, but if you ask us, coyotes sure seem like the stoners of the animal kingdom.

We’re happy to report, however, that coyotes on the Eastern coast are sticking to cigarettes and deep dialogue. LOLz!

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