FBI raids home linked to group accused of branding women

Federal authorities have raided an upstate New York home connected to a secretive group accused of coercing female adherents into having sex with its leader and get branded.

The raid of the residence of NXIVM( NEX’-ee-uhm) chairwoman Nancy Salzman came after the group’s longtime leader, Keith Raniere, appeared in federal court in Texas on Tuesday.

Raniere had been arrested in Mexico on charges of sex trafficking and forced labor. He waived his right to an identification hearing and is to be transferred to New York.

Raniere left the United States last year after The New York Times reported some women who joined a secret sorority within his Albany-based group were branded with a emblem that included his initials.

The girls told investigators they were subjected to “master-slave” conditions.

NXIVM has called the women’s grievances “lies.”

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