‘ How do I cut my sleeves off ?’- 2016′ s most-Googled fashion questions answered!

These are the style queries most asked of the search engine this year. But what does an algorithmic rummage of the millions of web pages know that the Guardians style desk doesnt?

1. How to cut sleeves off a shirt ?

This year was largely focused on vandalising your clothes: razoring your jean hems, cropping your tops and, apparently, de-sleeving your shirts. To do this one, you need scissors and good arms. Were reasonably confident this question was made up.

2. How do I start modelling?

A bleak perennial on the search engines annual manner question roundup but, anyway … To start, you need remarkable genes. If the years catwalk was anything to go by, you also needed curly hair and a decent manage on Instagram.

3. What is haute couture?

Thought 2,000 for a dress was expensive? Believe again! Haute couture is like catwalk fashion except style, route more expensive, made to order as opposed to ready to wear and as close as manner gets to art.

Kendall Jenner strolls the runway during the Chanel SS1 6 haute couture show at Paris Fashion Week. Photo: Pascal Le Segretain/ Getty Images

4. How to wear loots with skinny jeans?

In fashion parlance, with a sliver of ankle flesh showing. In normal parlance, merely shove them on, mate.

5. When can you start wearing white?

Before Labor Day, but also when you dont have or want a newborn , no longer take public transport, give up coffee and are the Flotus present or elect.

6. How to become a fitness model ?

Sign up to Instagram. Get a handle like StrongIsSexxxxi4 1. Remember that the straw of your green juice is a conduit to an alternative reality where your Lycra athletics bra is never three sizings too small and that all burgers are props not sustenance.

7. What is boho ?

Essentially: dressing up like Florence Welchs cat-lady aunt after a day spent foraging for oyster mushrooms.

Boho chic. Photo: Liz Devine/ WWD/ REX/ Shutterstock

8. What did people wear in the 90 s ?

Lots of layers. So many layers that people questioned the eyesight, taste and sanity of a generation( find: the entire wardrobe of the Spice Girls ).

9. How to garment like a hippy ?

Repeat( 7) but with less awkwardly perched hats and a more laissez-faire posture to personal hygiene.

10. How to become a fashion designer ?

The best thing a burgeoning decorator can do is put down the mood committee, appear on Im Dancing on Ice in the Big Brother Bake-Off and drop a sex tape. Celebrity is the new St Martins( see: the Olsen twins, Kanye West and Beyonc ).

Fashion-designer twins Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen. Photograph: Timothy A Clary/ AFP/ Getty Images

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