Police breakfast photo stirs dispute on Twitter

A police squad in North Wales received some criticism for posting a image on Twitter featuring a protein-packed breakfast.

The Rural Crime Team was assembling for a squad breakfast last month when they decided to take a snap of their spread- two plates of fried eggs, two plates of sausage, a plate of bacon, toast, cooked mushrooms and a bowl of baked beans all filled up the round table.

“Not bad eh….not one egg violated ….. let the team session begin! ” the team captioned the photo.

The team shared the pic and appeared to think nothing of it- following up the initial image with another picture of different groups enjoying their meat-heavy breakfast.


The photo itself gained little traction, earning 217 likes and 28 retweets, but it was enough to rages one follower.

A Twitter user named “Diana” called out the police force’s palates in a since-deleted tweet, “Speaking as a taxation payer I’d favor them to be less selective when answering questions and perhaps not post breakfast pics that offend vegetarian/ vegan adherents – fairly thoughtless considering the job title they have.”

Diana’s outrage, however, was not felt by the majority of Twitter users, who took to the social media platform to taunt her.

“As a taxation payer, I think you should tweet photos of your breakfast unless it’s a protected species, ” one user wrote in response.

Another sarcastically wrote, “What if I’m offended that your not posting pictures of cooked breakfasts? As a contentious breakfaster I only think it’s within my moral and ethical rights to see how good your breakfast is……..”


“Vegetarian here but not offended. Not a banner falter. People have a right to live their lives as and how they opt, ” another said.

The Rural Crime Team took a screenshot of the original tweet from Diana and proclaimed they would no longer be engaging with their audience on Twitter for the time being.

“And to finish 2017 I had to post this recent answer about our Twitter account, to reveal why we are withdrawing from answering questions or remarks on Twitter for the time being. Nothing more I can say truly ……. Happy 2018, ” the team wrote.

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