Why You Should Be Inducing Frittatas and Not Omelets

” A frittata is very different business from an omelet , not just because the one is Italian and another French ,” writes Skye McAlpine in her new volume, A Table in Venice: Recipes From My Home, which comes out on March 20.” The omelet is finer, of course, suited to a quick breakfast or lunch for one. A frittata, on the other hand–wonderfully thick and stuffed with veggies and melted cheese–is without a doubt food for sharing .”

I couldn’t is all very well. When I was growing up my mother would often take out her largest frying pan and make a frittata for my family to share with whatever cheese and veggies we had on hand. Whether it was at breakfast time or dinner hour, I always enjoyed it.

McAlpine’s recipe is highly simple and the zucchini, pecorino and fresh mint is a delicious trio. The dish, as I learned from my mommy, also works with a range of other ingredients. McAlpine suggests subbing in roasted broccoli, black olives, red pepper, goat cheese and fresh parsley. I’d add to that list cooked spinach, cherry tomatoes and mushrooms.

It also may be the perfect brunch party food, since” unlike the omelet, which you must eat straight from the pan or it will turn to rubber, a frittata, I find, savors even better at room temperature than it does hot ,” she writes.” All of which attains it ideal for cooking ahead .”

Zucchini, Pecorino, and Fresh Mint Frittata

INGREDIENTS 😛 TAGEND 2 Tbsp Olive oil 1 medium Onion, sliced A generous pinch of salt 3 medium Zucchini, thinly sliced 8 large Eggs 1 beaker/ 100 g Grated pecorino cheese 3 sprigs Fresh mint, leaves finely chopped

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