Woman Hilariously Recreates Celebrity Outfits Using Food, And The Result Is Better Than The Original

Cosplay has become a massively popular hobby, as more and more people get into the fun of dressing up as their favorite characters and people. All those attires can be expensive though! So sometimes you need to be extra creative, cut a few corners and innovate somehow.

Sine Benjaphorn, 22, from Ratchaburi City in Thailand, has a great passion for both cosplay and food. So she decided to combine the two. “I love to eat, so I thought that food should be part of my dress, ” she told Bored Panda . “I have a lot of fun stimulating every dres, and me and my relatives eat them afterwards.”

As you can see for yourself, the results are spectacular. The vivid colours of various types of fruits, veggies and things like chili peppers generate stunning visual impacts, as well as the tasty value they provide after the photoshoot is over. It’s the perfect solution for budget cosplay!

Sine is a student, but has become quite famous in her homeland as social influencer. She makes parody dress-ups of local and international celebrities, and has done everyone from Rihanna to Kim Jong-Un. She gets help from her mom and aunt to build the creative and tasty garbs, one striking yellow dress took over 30 kg of jackfruit to create.

She began building to the costumes to help promote her shop, in which she sells plus-size garb, expertly modeled by herself, of course. Her renown has continued to grow however, and everyone is waiting to find out what she is going to come up with next! Does she have any schemes she can tell us about? “I would really like to try and recreate a Disney Princess, ” she told us. Snow Bite maybe? Coke-a-hontas? Citronella? Watch this space!

Scroll down below to check out her funny parodies and stunningly colorful creations for yourself, and vote for your favourites!

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