GOP Rep: ‘Some awfully bad people’ among ‘dreamers’

( CNN) Rep. Steven King struck a strident tone while discussing immigration policy on Thursday, saying “there are some awfully bad people” among the so-called “dreamers” that President Barack Obama is protecting from deportation.

“When you look at this, I think that there’s been such a hard push on this. The reason they’re called ‘dreamers’ because that’s the most sympathetic word that could be apply applied to people, ” the Iowa Republican said in an interview on CNN’s “New Day.”

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The Emotional Rollercoaster Of The Music Festival Romance

Before I moved back to the freezing cold, bitternes, exorbitantly expensive, wildly diverse city of New York, I lived in Southern California.Sunny, palm-tree-adorned, beauteous Los Angeles, California, to be exact.

Sometimes I don’t know why I left my spacious $ 800 per month bedroom in the glass house in the Hills overlooking the hopeful Hollywood sign for a six-story walkup apartment with a broken rain for doubled the money on 92 nd street.

I guess I simply enjoy the sadnes, babe. I am British, after all. And no one said that she wished to suffer like us Brits.

I was in my late teens/ early 20 s in my LA stint, and I played the California Girl role pretty well for an alabaster-skinned, raven-haired, native Manhattanite.

A huge part of my West Coast existence was defined by~ music festivals ~. Yes, I was a festival girl before it was en-vogue to be afestival girl. And I was an authentic festival girl.Meaning, I truly, actually, genuinely, really, truly, actually, really loved the music. And I truly, really, truly, genuinely, truly, genuinely, really loved to lay in the grass and sink into the earth, smoke endless joints and get lost in the gorgeous voices. It wasn’t glam at all in 2005. It was muddy; it was druggy; it was viciously hot, but it was fucking magical.

Itwasn’t Coachella and it wasn’t Bonnaroo without a little bit of the ole’~ festival romance ~.

I mean, think about it: You’re young, you’re wearing fringe( before “its become” so embarrassingly clich and Forever2 1 had a festival line ), you haven’t bathed, you’re high as a kite, you’re in musical bliss … of course you’re going to fallmadly in love. You’re in such a heightened country of happiness( at least until the mushrooms turn on you) that, to be perfectly honest, you could fall in love with a decompose tree.

Yes, you’re not exactly grounded in reality when you’re experiencing heatstroke while screaming booze-filled tears as your favorite band plays andlooking for your friendsin a teeming ocean of thousands of people rolling on ecstasy , not quite sure if you’re having the best period of their own lives or if you merely WANT TO GO HOME ALREADY.

That’s what they don’t tell you about music celebrations, kittens. It’s an emotional roller coaster of highs and lows. There is nothing more raw than being covered in mud and dangerously dehydrated while listening to your favorite song in the world LIVE. If that’s not a triggering combination, I don’t know what is.

So, when you’re in this rare form, your festival romance is going to be quite an epic journey. One for the memoir, one for the grandkids.

Here are the seven emotional the stages of The Festival Romance 😛 TAGEND

Phase 1: Holy shit, I’m alone.

It’s a few hours into the celebration when you decide you simply can’t hold it anymore. “I’ll be right back, I’m going to the bathroom, ” you boozily slur to your friends. “Stay right here.”

You go the bathroom( a traumatic experience ), alleviated that you got THAT out of the route. You remove your round, ’7 0s style mega sunnies and peer into the crowd. The sunlight is setting.

Your friends are nowhere to be seen. Fear suddenly snakes its style around your naked waist( you’re in a crop top ).

Holy shit , you think to yourself as panic washings over you. I’m alone .

Phase 2: Locking of the eyes.

You’re high, you’re paranoid, and you’re weaving your route through a sweaty cesspool of 20-somethings tripping their faces off.

Suddenly, you feel too young and too inexperienced to be at a music festival. The twinkling lights that seemed so artistic and creative when you first arrived abruptly look too vivid and a little evil. You reach into your suede beaded suitcase. Your phone is dead. You’ve never been more alone in this cruel, cold world.

Just as you’re about to curl up beneath the palm tree and sobbing mascara tears, you lock eyes with another human being.

Phase 3: Love at first sight.

As you gaze into the pale gray eyes of this beautiful boy beast, you begin to feel things. He approaches you.

“I’m fuckboy, what’s your name? ” the boy says, stretching out his bony hand. He’s a shirtless vision in shorts and no shoes. His beard is ethereal. You’re intoxicated. He is the most beautiful thing your eyes have ever seen.

Fuckboy. That’s a beautiful name, ” you say.

And BAM. CRASH. BOOM. FIREWORKS. You’re in love.

Phase 4: Soulmates who have finally found one another.

The next thing you know, you and fuckboy are passionately kissing, rolling around in the cool grass as the West Coast sun becomes the moon .

Some really amazing instrumental band, like Sigur Ross, is playing. You feel at one with the music and the kissing and the earth, man.Suddenly, everything builds sense! Fuckboy is your soulmate, and after your whirlwind festival romance, the two of you are able to ride off into the sunset, buy a house outside of San Francisco, and live happily ever after.

He will blow glass for a living and you’ll start an organic cereal company or something. And you’ll have gorgeous little children who will operate free around your Northern California backyard. You won’t be rich, but you’ll be super happy and full of love. Oh, the music is so beautiful, and oh, life is so beautiful and oh, TO BE YOUNG AND IN LOVE.

Phase 5: Holy shit, I’m alone again.

Fuckboy excuses himself to the bathroom. “Stay right here, I’ll come back to you, ” he says while grabbing onto your shoulders for dear life like he’s about to go to war. He looks like a knight in glistening armor from the old Disney movies.

“OK, ” you purr, gazing into his soulful eyes. You’re full of trust and lust, a dangerous combination.

And abruptly, it’s been two hours and you’re still waiting for him. It’s starting to rain, and oh shit, what did you do with your suede beaded container? And where are your $200 moccasins?

Holy shit , you think to yourself for the second time in 24 hours. I’m alone .

Phase 6: Heartbreak.

You wrestle through the crowd, determined to find your MAN. You feel a cavity in the depths of your stomach, your girl instincts are telling you HE’S NOT OKAND NEEDS YOUR HELP( truly, that feeling is just starvation, daughter. When was the last hour you ate? What did I talk to you about the importance of partying with food ? ).

But hell hath no ferocity like a woman on a mission to find her man.

That’s when, ever so abruptly, you do consider Fuckboy. Your keen eyes take him in as you watch him passionately making out with a girl in nothing but a cable knit bikini top and distressed denim shorts so short, they might as well be denim UNDERWEAR. His hands are entangled in her bright red mane. Her tanned leg is nestled between his hairy legs.

Your eyes fill with tears. You feel warm water slowly dripping down your face. Your heart is like it has heavy weights attached to it. In fact, the weights are so heavy that your heart snaps in half.

It’s over.

And your sweet heart is breach.


The light rainfall abruptly turns into a thunderstorm. Thick wet drops feel like pelts against your bare skin. You feel yourself are beginning to sober up, sort of like the time a cop raided your house party in high school. You were high as a kite, butthe moment you assured the suns flashing in your driveway, you were crystal clear.

You look at fuckboy and realize his skin is profoundly pockmarked. His beard isn’t ethereal, it’s long anddirty. You imagine bugs nesting inside of it.

He’s got zits on his back. He’s wearing a PUCA SHELL necklace. In fact, he’s not even cute, he’s hideous. You’re hit with a lawsuit of sudden revulsion syndrome .

Suddenly, “youre starting” chuckling. And the laugh quickly becomes hysterical. You realize “youve never” fell in love.

No, daughter. You merely smoked some really good weed and now that the high is worn off, you’re eventually in the right headspace to find your friends. You can’t wait to tell them about how you briefly fell in love with an oily-skinned fuckboy because you were so deliriously wasted.

Only, by the time you get to them, you will be high and in love again and the cycle will repeat itself. Because it’s not a music festival unless you fall in love with a fuckboy at least three times.

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2 arrested after police seize marijuana, mushrooms and THC … – Fox 59

Fox 59

2 arrested after police seize marijuana, mushrooms and THC …
Fox 59
PUTNAM COUNTY, Ind. – Two Colorado men are facing charges after police say they seized about $20000 worth of drugs during a traffic stop in Putnam County. ISP says a state trooper stopped the Toyota sedan for unsafe lane movement on eastbound I-70
2 arrested for drug possession in Putnam County | WISH-TVWISH-TV

all 4 news articles »

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5 Reasons Every Foodie Needs To Eat Their Way Through Nashville

Nashville, Tennessee may be christened with the title of Music City, but there is plenty more to experience aside from the awesome live music.

Sure, you can stop by Jack Whites Third Man Records, guzzle down suds at numerous breweries in close proximity and laugh at the copious quantity of sloppy bachelorette parties, but no trip to Nashville is complete without trying its signature dishes.

In a nutshell, Nashville is a hybrid of fast city that meets Southern charm. Suppose fried foods with tons of sugar, but with a trendy spin. And thats what the city is like: charming, yet hip and moderately paced, but fun.

Its no wonder very little natives can be found. Its the country version of New York with new occupants ready to go out with their boots on.

With that in intellect, here are five meals Nashville offers that exemplify that hip, Southern twist. Good luck procuring better versions of these elsewhere.

Hot Chicken

This dish is available in most eateries in Nashville, but one of the best places is easily Princes Hot Chicken Shack.

Allegedly, Princes hot chicken is the trailblazer of hot chicken, which was said to be started by Thornton J. Prince, III. Taking a numbered ticket deli style a dinner starts at a mere$ 6, cash only.

Two pieces of white bread will lie underneath the fried hot chicken, which is adorned with a pickle slice. Numerous napkins will be necessary for this finger-licking, messy meal.

Remember, spice levels in the South are usually hotter than other states. Mild in Nashville may equate to medium elsewhere, so err on the side of caution when ordering.


Nashville has a sweet dish that rivals the cronuts, which is a croissant-doughnut hybrid that is said to originate in New York. These little angels are called bonuts, and theyre biscuits fried as doughnuts with blueberry compote and topped with lemon mascarpone.

Served at Biscuit Love, the line of eager patrons spans around the building for a taste of brunch items such a shrimp and cheesy grits, hot chicken and of course biscuits.

Although youll still wait a significant amount of period, stop in on a weekday. The line will be much shorter.

After maneuvering outside to the quaintly decorated inside, order the bonuts located under the to share segment. But trust me, you wont want to.

The Nooner

Featured as a regular at Tavern, The Nooner is not your criterion brunch dish. For starters, it includes the cleverly dubbed White Trash Hash, a cheesy, gooey spin on traditional hash browns.

As if that wasnt enough, this omelette comes with bacon and about five fried oysters, which are topped with the spicy sour cream.

Two-for-one drinkings at brunch time are the icing on this cake. Just be careful not to imbibe too much before a flight, or there will be plenty of turbulence on your end, if you know what I mean.

Shrimp And Grits

OK, so you can definitely get this in other countries, but not the route Tennessees Nashville does it.

Once again with a mention of Biscuit Love, the dish with the moniker Bill Neal is comprised of buttery, cheesy goodness topped with five juicy shrimp.

Salty bacon and fresh green onions bring the succulent side to this snack. Lets not forget about the mushrooms and lemon Tabasco sauce that is included as well.

Blueberry Lasagna

Sounding like a stomach-churning combination, Moto Cucina+ Enotecas take on a traditional Italian dish has received plenty of praise.

Located in the hipstery Gulch, it showcases wild mushrooms and blueberry balsamic. Who knew being weird could savor so good?

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Magic Mushrooms Help The Brain Deal With Social Rejection

In the age of the Internet troll, having a thick skin can be a real advantage, although no matter how resilient or robust you are, it can still be hard to keep your chin up when the world seems to be against you. Amazingly, however, researchers from the University of Zurich have discovered that psilocybin the hallucinogenic compound may be in magic mushroom actually alleviates feelings of social rejection.

Perhaps more importantly, by tracking the impact of psilocybin on brain activity, they were able to observe how negative social stimulus are processed by the brain, illuminating key pathways that could be targeted by future therapies for depression.

In a letter to the famous writer Aldous Huxley, British psychiatrist Humphry Osmond once wrote to fathom hell or soar angelic, take a pinch of psychedelic. By this, he was referring to the style in which hallucinogenic drugs like psilocybin have the capacity to profoundly affect our mood, sending us spiraling into the abyss of a bad trip or elevating us to euphoric heights.

In the case of psilocybin, this effect is largely down to the way in which the narcotic binds to serotonin receptors in the brain. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that plays a key role in mood regulation by controlling the brain’s responses to negative stimuli, and studies have shown that by stimulating these receptors, psilocybin reduces the intensity with which these stimulus are processed.

Lead researcher Katrin Preller told IFLScience that we conducted an earlier survey which showed that psilocybin lessens the processing of negative stimuli in general, and now we have narrowed that down to social processing, which is such an important part of everyday life.

Social pain, which refers to the emotional distres that results from social rejection, has now been partnered with increased activity in certain brain regions, most notably the dorsal anterior cingulate cortex( dACC) and the middle frontal gyrus. The precise role of serotonin in this process has never been fully explored, which is why the researchers were keen to discover if psilocybin could attenuate social pain processing in these brain areas.

Psilocybin is the active ingredient in magic mushroom. Comaniciu Dan/ Shutterstock

To test this, they recruited 21 volunteers to take part in a game called Cyberball, which involves hurling a virtual ball to a number of other players. Using functional magnetic resonance imaging( fMRI) and proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy, the study authors examined the neurological activity of players when they were excluded from receiving the ball.

Half of the participants were then given a dose of psilocybin, while the other half received a placebo. When playing another round of Cyberball, players who had taken the trippy substance displayed reduced activity in the brain regions associated with social pain processing, while simultaneously reporting diluted feelings of rejection. Publishing their findings in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the study authors explain that the performance of their duties appears to confirm the role of serotonin in mediating social processing in the brain.

Its really important to understand whats going on the brain when we interact socially, insists Preller, adding that identifying these brain processes is extremely helpful if we think of future medications.

For instance, the paper notes that increased reactivity to social exclusion is clinically relevant in depression, borderline personality disorder, social anxiety disorder, and other psychiatric disorders. As such, Preller hopes that one day well be able to develop drugs that target these mechanisms in the psychiatric population.

While these types of therapies are still some way off, humanitys inability to get on and be nice means weve probably still got plenty of time to work on it.

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Monterey Mushrooms showcases Let's Blend, releases e-cookbook – The Packer

The Packer

Monterey Mushrooms showcases Let's Blend, releases e-cookbook
The Packer
235, according to the release. The company also recently released a recipe e-book for meatless meals featuring portabella mushrooms, according to a news release. The collection includes recipes for pizza, enchiladas, burgers and lasagna, said marketing
Monterey Mushrooms Creates Portabella Mushrooms EbookPerishableNews (press release)
Mushroom Market 2018 Global Trend, Segmentation and Opportunities Forecast To 2023Digital Journal
Shiitake Mushrooms Market Professional Study forecast 2018 to 2025Research of Market
First Newshawk –satPRnews (press release)
all 7 news articles »

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How to create a boulder star, by Dave Grohl’s mum

From Nirvana to Foo Fighters, Virginia Grohl knows what its like to be the mum of a stone star. Now shes written a volume comparing notes with other boulder moms including Pharrell Williams and Michael Stipes

What is it like to be the mum of a boulder star? Is the strongest feeling pride at seeing your child adored by a delirious mob? Or anxiety surrounding the sexuality and drugs that go along with the rocknroll? Does renown and fund in the end salve the disappointment of having a adolescent drop out of school to mistreat a guitar or drum kit in a seedy club? Virginia Grohl, whose son is Dave Grohl of the hugely successful Foo Fighters and, before that, Nirvana, decided to find out how her experience compared with other women in her situation: so she met the mothers of Pharrell Williams, Amy Winehouse, Dr Dre, Mike D of the Beastie Boys and a dozen or so more to talk about life as a rock mum.

In the book that has emerged from those conversations, From Cradle to Stage, Dave Grohl or David, as his mum steadfastly calls him recalls a moment when music took over their own lives. He was in the back of his mothers Ford Maverick on a hot summer day in 1975 when Carly Simons Youre So Vaincame on the radio. Dave, then aged six, his sister Lisa and Virginia would always sing in the car; his mum was belting it out above the booming roaring of the open windows. Then as Mick Jaggers unmistakable voice joined the chorus, Dave writes in the book, our voices split into harmony for the first time. My mom started singing Micks lower line as I sang Carlys high leading vocal. Without realising it I was harmonising! My heart illuminated up Hell, this was the chicken AND the egg!

When I talk to Virginia at her home in Los Angeles where she lives near Dave and Lisa she remembers her son as a boy so outgoing and talkative; I honestly recollect[ him] as small children going down an escalator and hes talking to the people coming up He was always really fun to be around. He did some devilish things, but I never thought of him as bad. She divorced Daves father in the mid-7 0s, and was a happy single mother( some of us are very good at it ), although their house near Washington DC was small and the kids argued continually. Dave has reminisced about Mom constructing cinnamon toast and sticking shirts in the dryer to warm them up because it was cold outside.

Less happy was Daves experience of school, which hit his mum especially hard, as she was a educator. Running through her volume is the suggestion that schools dont cater well for energetic, creative but non-academic kids. In his early teens, she tells me, Daves life was all failing, and doom and gloomines not going to school, and then getting detention because he didnt go it was just deadly. By this time, he was learning to play drums in his bedroom, using a chair as the high-hat, and a pillow on the floor as the trap; and was easily picking up anthems on his guitar. The high-school band he was playing in had the nasty name of Dain Bramage.( Improbably, they played an old peoples home, and sang Time Is On Your Side .) He was also smoking a lot of weed: he was, he has said, so stoned at school that I didnt know what I was studying.

Then Dave, a ferocious drummer, was asked by the punk band Scream to join them on a tour of Europe. This was a step-up, and it triggered what his mother calls the Conversation, the rite-of-passage when education is abandoned. It didnt assist that she had no notion what 17 -year-old Daves new band was singing about, because they were just screaming their heads off she was pretty sure they wouldnt replace the Beatles. And then there were the Mohawks! Tattoos! Shredded jeans with more pits than fabric not exactly wholesome. But she wasnt an ordinary mum; she had helped out with his previous bands and taken him to jazz clubs. I could have said, Just go to school, get your education, have something to fall back on. Not many people make it in the music business. But I didnt. And Dave went to Europe with Scream.

Only a few years later he was one of three members of Nirvana, who, in Virginias words, became the biggest sensation in music in decades. They changed the course of popular music my son had become a boulder superstar! She espoused it its perhaps telling that she was a former vocalist born late enough to know rocknroll in her youth and went to many of the bands reveals. When I was teaching, she has recounted, I had a senior class and had just come back from hour on the road with Nirvana. I said to the class: Ive been teaching for 30 years and had all kinds of success, but Ive never had a roar. Then the working day I was called out of the room. When I came back, the class gave me a roar.

Her curiosity as to why she rarely fulfilled other boulder mums at such presents and celebrations led to From Cradle to Stage. But having founded an unofficial special sorority of mothers of musicians, she has discovered she is not alone. Marianne Stipe, the mother of REMs Michael Stipe, went on the bands last European tour, travelling on the tour bus, and joining the crowd before find a safe, comfy backstage place. On the other hand, Val Matthews, whose son formed the Dave Matthews Band, gets awfully irritable when, having been given a good seat, the audience stands up and ruins her position. And sings.

Mike Ds mom, an imperious intellectual and art collector who lives in a Manhattan penthouse and whom Virginia tells me she found a little scary, contributed to her version of the Conversation by ruefully commenting that her sons preferred career choice was just an excuse for not working. She had no interest in the Beastie Boys hip-hop, yet when she went to see them play, and seemed down from the balcony at the dance-hall floor below, which had become a mosh cavity, a tornadic mass of young, fearless lovers of chaos, she became an unlikely supporter of the bands reveals, crowd-surfing and all: To me they werent about music, but about energy and unbelievable rapport with the audience.

Virginia Virginia Grohl with Dave as a young boy. Photograph: Courtesy Hodder

Mike D might have grown up with museum-quality art on the walls of his apartment, but his mother still had to negotiate with their neighbours about when he was allowed to play drums in the evening. And she insisted her son, the burgeoning rapper, take cabs , not the subway, to stay safe. Mary Weinrib, whose children include Geddy Lee of the stone band Rush, agreed an 8p m curfew with her neighbours in Toronto when her son began to deafen them with Eric Clapton chords on his guitar( me screaming back at authority ). Weinrib, whose remarkable tale of surviving Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen Grohl tells, was desperate for her son to be a doctor, and couldnt stand his long hair she planned to cut it off in his sleep. According to Lee, It wasnt till she saw me on Tv that she realised I was succeeding in something.

Grohl says that the bleak days when young band members or singers run from city to city with just enough fund for hot dog and Slurpees arent what mothers of the musician-adventurers fear. Its the next step, the one where fund and renown replace impoverished oblivion. I ask her about Daves new-found celebrity back in the early 90 s. I did worry about females. Then she giggles: I dont know how to tell you this, its so embarrassing, but my greatest fear was that Madonna would snatch him up. As for drugs, she never minded about marijuana( Im the only person I know who hasnt done it yet; I still might ). In any case, Dave gave up mushrooms and weed aged 20, and understood enough about his hyperactive propensities never to try cocaine or heroin( You see the way I drink coffee! he has said. Itd be all over !).

I frankly didnt lose a lot of sleep about it, his mother says. Any fear she did have was sharpened by the well-publicised heroin craving of Nirvanas singer, Kurt Cobain. When Virginia decided to meet these boulder mothers it was Wendy, Kurts mother, who was uppermost in my intellect. She was the first rock mom I fulfilled. The two women induced friends in New York City in 1992, a hour when the wave of Nirvanas fame was cresting and they were along for the ride staying in fancy hotels, being chauffeur-driven to TV studios, escorted by admiring young staffers. Virginia assumed that the two moms would do the whole thing for years.

She was teaching in her classroom when the news violated of Cobains suicide: Somebody came in to tell me, and of course the children were reacting. And it was shocking but I wasnt surprised. Things were so bad and there had been a couple of other days I was worried about David losing a friend in such a horrible way, and losing a career. But she never thought he would be destroyed by it. Hes such a positive person, and he has good stuff pouring out of him.

Virginia and Wendy stayed in touch over the years, though there were long gaps and painful hours when we had no communication. But they assured each again when Nirvana were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2014. At that time Wendy was hopeful, and was describing her participation in a new cinema about Kurt as therapeutic. But, according to Virginia, the movie, Montage of Heck, which came out in 2015, devastated her. She felt slapped in the face, betrayed by her portrait as an uncaring, remote mother. In the end, she decided not to take part in From Cradle to Stage, but promoted Virginia to recount three of her own memories of Cobain a conversation with him about books and notions when Nirvana were taking refuge at her home; a photo she took of Kurt chuckling with his bandmates; and the moment at the Reading Festival in 1991 when he announced on stage that it was Daves moms birthday. Lets sing to her!

Whereas Wendy seems defeated, Virginia encountered a most varied atmosphere when talking to Janis Winehouse, the mother of Amy, who died, after years of alcohol and drug abuse, aged 27 in 2011. I felt I must have been shaking my head, she told me. Can you really be that optimistic? And yet she is. She just has this life goes on hypothesi She didnt talk about blaming they had to deal with this very unusual child. I dont know what they could have done, but they tried a lot of things.

The drive and determination of the mums in Grohls book follow different patterns. Bev Lambert managed and booked for her teenage daughter, Miranda, advising her to work on the perfect hair, the perfect demeanor, and the perfect outfit for a TV talent reveal the country singer now earns hundreds of millions of dollars. Mary Morello is an outspoken and veteran radical whose views helped to inform the leftist politics of her Harvard-educated son Tom, guitarist with Rage Against the Machine. Dr Dres mother, Verna Griffin, whose early adult life in Compton, Los Angeles, was very tough, insists on running her own company, although her son is the first black billionaire in the neighbourhood.

Virginia, too, enjoys the success and the glitz the Grammy nights and the journeys to the White House with her son to meet Barack Obama and Paul McCartney( There I am, getting my photo taken with my three favourite humen in the world ). Shes relieved that Dave get good legal and fiscal advice early on( They said you have to buy property, so he bought a home on the beach ). Above all, she likes to go on tour with the Foo Fighters and take her place in a folding chair at the side of the stage: The best seat in the house. I love to watch the audience; I dont want them to see me, so I stay back. But I love the response.

She is also proud that her son is often called the nicest human in stone. The mothers she talked to secretly value unreported acts of generosity and kindness more than the platinum disc specific commitments to household or community. Dave is a philanthropist, a steady spouse and a superdad to his three daughters He stimulates their breakfast, he packs their lunch, and then he goes to the studio. According to Virginia, he really is as nice as everyone says.

What she worries about these days is his privacy, and whether he gets enough sleep. Unlike Pharrells mother, Carolyn, who is still suspicious of the fast life but copes with it by praying, Virginia wants to hear the roar.

And what about the practical, sensible women who coped with their upstart teen musicians by insisting they are in conformity and get a normal chore? Well never know what happened to their children, she writes. But there are probably a few lawyers out there who show up at indicates and would trade their BMWs for an hour on stage with a guitar.

This article was amended on 22 April 2017 to correct two mistaken references to the title of Hanlon Grohls book as From Cradle to Grave.

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New Delhi: Insider Travel Guide

( CNN) The best of Delhi is where the new Indian cool is being born.

To entertain the new multitudes, amped-up venues are cropping up in Delhi like green grass after a monsoon. And if Mumbai has Bollywood, Delhi has high culture.

Performing arts, book launches and tons of art galleries stimulate the best use of Delhi an Indian culture home base.

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We Have A Heart On For Kooky Valentine’s Day Gifts

Everyone thinks they have a big heart. But are you willing to show it? And are you funny?

We know humor is subjective. But we’ve got a bunch of Valentine’s Gifts that we at HuffPost Weird News think are funny — like this giant heart costume from How would you like to be greeted by your loved one in this outfit?

Here’s our guide to making your funny Valentine only a little bit funnier. Enjoy.

Pink Gun-Shaped Purse

It’s good to have a purse for any occasion. We’re still trying to figure out the most appropriateoccasion to carry around a handbag that looks like a handgun .( $48, Unique

I Love Farting Mug

Some people feel true love is when you can fart in front of the person without fear of shame. Of course, shame is probably not a concern of anyone who would drink coffee, tea or hot chocolate from an “I Love Farting” coffee cup . Yes, it does stimulate farting noises. Thank you for asking.( $9.99,

Adult Heart Costume

It’s one thing to wear your heart on your sleeve, it’s another to wear it all over your body . Hopefully, the person you’re wearing it for will realize you want to be their valentine and not just telling people you suffer from cardiac problems.( $39.99,

Pizza Pasties

Honestly, wearing pizza-shaped pasties can go two ways: You either appear saucy or really cheesy.( $9.99,

Procreating Pig Salt And Pepper Shakers

These procreating pig salt and pepper shakers are a subtle route to tell your fan you feel like makin’ bacon. It could also be used for sexuality ed if you’re not careful where you set it.( $9.99,

Pizza Is My Valentine Sweatshirt

David Moye

This sweatshirt is either a sign of true empowerment, telling the world youdon’t need another person to be happy. It could also be a pitiful cry for help. You make the call.( $25.99,

Star Wars Aprons

If you wear an apron of Han Solo or Princess Leia for Valentine’s Day, something will definitely be “awakened” in your fan. Whether it’s the Force or not is up to you. Just make sure whatever happens next doesn’t lead to another Kylo Ren.( $17.99,

Tandem Shot Glasses

Some couples crave closeness — even when they drink. Thanks to the Wingman Tandem Shot Glass , extremely-close-to-the-point-where-it’s-kinda-creepy couples can also engage in substance abuse at the exact same time. Ahhhh.( $8.95,

Boyfriend Body Pillow

Can’t be with your valentine for whatever reason( business, prison, UFO abduction )? The next best thing could be a pillow with a built-in right arm .~ ATAGEND Or not. It depends on your definition of “next best thing, ” I suppose.( $27.16,

AK4 7 Little Black Dress

Valentine’s Day will get off to a bang when you show up with a sexy little black dress. But not just any little black dress — onethat features an AK47 on the front .~ ATAGEND The only thing that stops a bad dress with a gun is a good dress with a handgun.( $45,

Fry Love You

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. He’ll know “eggs-actly” what you’re supposing when you serve him eggs shaped into the letters that spell “love.”Actually, what you’ll be thinking is, “Why can’t I get the yolk to go in the “O” like in the picture? ” Just maintaining it real.( $4.99,

Cheeseburger Hat

A man who can appear sexyin a hamburger hatis like a properly cooked steak: Very rare.( $11.79,

His And Her Zombie Cologne

Want to bring new life to a dead romance? Get some zombie cologne . The undead fragrance be coming back his and her bottles and has an air of dried foliages, ground, mildew, moss and mushrooms. It’s to die for.( $27.49 for his , $ 22.99 for her,

Lip Plumpers

People do crazy things for love. For instance, they suck on little red bowl in hopes of plumping up their lips.( $14.99,

Unicorn Spit Lube

I think I finally figured out why unicorns are so rare: Someone is capturing them and harnessing their saliva for lube! This unique Unicorn Spit lube savor just like donuts, which might be the most tasteful thing about this product. ($ 5.61,

Perverted Gnome Statue

Let’s face it: There is a small percentage of people for whom this perverted little gnome speaks. I’d love to see how the person who gets this for Valentine’s Day reacts. Or maybe I don’t.( $21.99,

Orgasms In A Can

Of course, an orgasm is a great thing to give someone on Valentine’s Day — or any day for that are important. If you can’t dedicate said orgasm in person, you can certainly send this noisy can that provides six types of noisy orgasms . How your valentine is responding to get a can of orgasms is necessarily offer a clue of your future compatability.( $4.99,

Instant Underpants

Valentine’s Day is about romance , not practicality. However, any person thoughtful enough to ensure you have cleanunderwear available at any second is truly a keeper. And your mama will approve.( $8.30,

Tank Top That Will Be Catnip To Cat Ladies

If seducing a cat dame is your M.O ., a tank that reads, “You had me at Meow! “is probably as effective as your other alternative: a romantic date at Petco.( $24.99,

Hickey Stick

G2Organics. com

Yes, you love your valentine, but things sometimes happen in the copy room with Rocco in accounting. When those situations start, the Hickey Stick will come to the rescue. It encompasses up that unsightly blemish that occurs when someone starts macking on your neckbone like it’s a sauce-covered barbecue rib.( 19. 99, G2Organics)

Her Side His Side Pillowcases

These pillows pretty much sum up modern love .~ ATAGEND Ladies, this might be a good way to open up a dialogue about the shared closet space.( $19.99,

Batman Boxers

Lingerie is a popular Valentine’s Day gift for men to give females, if a bit self-serving. Surely, females can return the favor with these super sexy boxer shorts featuring the Caped Crusader and his Boy wonder.( $16.95,

Makeup Case That Also Charges Phones

How sad is this: Your valentine gets all made up to take a sexy selfie for you and then can’t because the phone work out of juice. That they are able to never happen again thanks to the genius technology behind the “I’mUp, ” a makeup compact that simultaneously charges phones .~ ATAGEND Thank you technology for feeding my narcissism even more!( $91.27,

Unicorn Tape Dispenser

Finding true love can feel like find a unicorn. Let your valentine know how rare your love is with this horny tape dispenser.( $14.99,

Fan Hands

Want to let that special person know you’re their cheerleader without wearing a short skirt or get into creepy roleplay stuff? How about FanHands ? These gloves are coated in plastic and make a lot of noise when clapped together. They nearly stimulate other types of noisemakers — like thunder sticks and vuvuzuelas — seem mellowed by comparison.( $9.99,

Toe Bling

You’ve heard of toe rings, but what about toe bling ? It’s better than toe jam. These costume jewelry pieces for the toes are perfect for separating the tootsies after a pedicure or for that special woman who likes people staring at her feet.( $12.99,

Doughnut Ring

I doughnut know anyone who wouldn’t enjoy a ring topped with America’s favorite tart .( $28.00,

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Hooded Pajamas

Want to build your human feel like a hero without freezing in the winter cold? Pajamas in the guise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles could certainly make for some interesting roleplay. You could always tell your human that green is a slimming colour. You’d be lying but he won’t know.( $39.99, TVStoreOnline)

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